What Kind of Jewish Friend Finder do You Need?

Finding Jewish singles is not a big deal, especially if you know how to get one for yourself. If you are specific about finding a Jewish single for the sake of dating, you surely know what kind of a man or woman you are looking for. The best way to get a nice person is by having a profile on a dating website. There are a lot of dating sites online that act as the best hook-up methods for you. Continue reading

Online Dating Experience

A young couple enjoying breakfast whilst on vacation

Here are some of the excerts from a recent survey on online dating.

Two thirds of online daters have gone on a date through online dating sites, and one quarter have used them to find a marriage or long-term relationship. A recent survey says around 66% of online daters have gone with someone they met through an internet dating website or app, up from 43%. Male and female on-line daters are equally likely to have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or program. Continue reading

Filipina Dating Scam

With the appearance of dating sites, the word scam and scammers got very popular. Continue reading