Asian women… Why are they so attractive for men? Men say that they are loving and caring, and it is easy to live with them.

At the site men from all over the world can find their happiness with wonderful Asian women.  On our website there are a lot of articles which will be helpful for you in building your relationships. And we would like to open some secrets about best Asian dating.

  • If you invite a girl to a date on the phone or using the Internet, conduct a conversation in such a way that her answer should not become the last phrase of the conversation. Talk to her about something else, otherwise the girl might get the impression that you are inviting her on a date just to prove to everyone that she will agree to go with you, or for some of your personal list of victories.
  • A date involves getting pleasure from communicating with a person that is pleasant to you. The best actions come from the heart and are born spontaneously. One should never expect too much from a first date. If you pre-draw yourself in your head how this day will pass, then you can be very disappointed when everything goes wrong. By inviting a girl to a date, learn to enjoy the present moment of life, and not go too deep into opportunities, at least until you decide to start a family. Expecting from a meeting too much, you create around yourself a nervous situation: a state that someone is obliged to someone. But in fact, this is not and should not actually be on the first date. Such a mood will quickly pass to the girl, and the whole date will be spoiled. This can cause both of you unnecessary shyness and closeness, and maybe even complexes.
  • Almost every girl will like it if you give her some flower, but not a rose. Rose is suitable in case you know for sure that the girl loves them very much.
  • It’s better if your date is spontaneous. Spontaneity is your friend, not your enemy. For example, you chat on the Internet, and you write that you are very pleased to communicate with her and I would like to talk face-to-face. The conversation about a first date should start smoothly and as if from afar, that is, guided by the principle 3-5 “yes”: ask the girl questions in such a way that she answers “yes” 3-5 times in a row. Then invite her to take a walk. If you managed to establish good relations with her in the company, the girl will almost never refuse to you if there are no really serious reasons for this.

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  • You should talk about date as if everything has been decided. Try to make an appointment closer to her house or say that you will meet her near the entrance, and then go for a walk where you want. A good place for a date is a park with attractions, rollers, bicycles. Many girls like walks on the alleyways with boutiques and big supermarkets with clothes or toys. Do not fit for the first date, no beach, no nightclub, no one’s house (even your own). Do not make a meeting in a cafe. Often, almost all the girls are romantic, and the cafe is trivial. In addition, in a cafe, as a rule, it is impossible to communicate, and this is exactly what you need on several dates to better understand and get to know each other. The loud music usually is sounded, there is a chance to meet acquaintances, and communication between you two can not work out.
  • By the way, after the first date, do not tell everyone that she is your girlfriend. To begin with, you should ask her about it. During first dates, you will be able to charm the girl, so she abandons her initial plans. You can become attractive, charming and unique for a girl, if first of all you will be direct, open, honest, and behave naturally.
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