Herpes commonly known as HSV -1 (if it is affecting the area around the lip) and HSV-2 (if it is affecting the genitals) is a viral infection caused in people. For many years Herpes was a social stigma in our society as people used to associate with other STD and believed that herpes cure is not available. Yes even herpes can get sexually transferred from one person to another at the time of oral or vaginal sex but it never means that the person suffering from the disease cannot lead a normal life. Like all other aspects of life your love life will also get affected by herpes dating. It all depends on your maturity and compassion of your partner how you handle the situation and try leading a normal life.

Finding a partner!

Finding a date for a person suffering from herpes is a critical thing. He or she may choose to be quiet about the disease, keep the partner in dark and continue with the relationship as if nothing has happened. On the days of outbreak he or she can either avoid the partner or fake the outbreak as some kind of yeast infection and stretch the relationship till they can put up with the lies. Another way is be brutally honest since the beginning of the relationship and leave the decision of continuing or discontinuing the relationship on the partner. Both the ways have its own pros and cons but being honest is good for all in the end. If your partner decides to continue with relationship after you have told the truth then you can expect all the love, care and sensitiveness you have ever dreamt of from him or her. Usually lies in the relationships lead to severe heart breaks and bad memories.

herpes dating

Living with a non infected person!

Your partner has taken a big decision to continue with the relationship even after knowing the truth. You don’t need to be guilty about the fact that because of you, your partner is always under potential danger of getting the infection. Guilt is bad for any relationship and it will ruin yours also. On the contrary try building a beautiful relationship based on love, companionship and trust. You two can become an example for many others who suffer breakup due to herpes. You should take complete care of yourself so that herpes is not causing any kind of problem in yours as well as your partner’s life. Taking proper herpes treatment and suppressants on time and protecting your partner all the time will add lot of warmth in the relationship.

Living with an infected person!

You have taken a big decision of sticking to your partner. Hats off to you! Your behaviour and sensitivity towards your partner will be directly reflected in his or her self esteem and confidence. You not only have to take care of her medically and emotionally but you have to become more of a friend than a boy friend or a girl friend. You have to be a very good listener to them and understand their anxiety.

How herpes affects your dating life?