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One lady has wrote a letter, and asked what are her chances to find a husband abroad if she is thirty nine years old, fifteen years of which she is trying to find a man abroad, sometimes in a very active way, and sometimes she is being passive about it, but the result is same on the zero level. So she is wondering maybe she has applied to the wrong agencies, or maybe she is not meant to ever leave her country?  She doesn’t know, anyways she never had some more experience when the mutual exchange of letters, and that thing has made her desperate and she decided that it is about time to give up on the whole idea, but still needs one last advice, that will help her making the final decision.

There is always a chance to succeed in anything you want or dream about, but it is important to be patient. If the correspondence doesn’t go that well and there are not that many letter or admirers, then maybe it is a time to make a certain change, like for example changing the hair style or the entire wardrobe, first of all this will make you feel additional looks of men in the streets, and the feeling that someone finds you attractive will help increasing self confidence. Also a good thing would be to make all the changes and as soon after that to make new pictures, that would show how attractive you really are. And that will certainly increase the quantity of admirers.nr1sexgirl

The second step would be practicing in the art of communication and flirt. There are no men in the world who like talking for hours on serious topics or pressure from their woman. While placing a profile in a dating agency, men have the desire to meet a pretty lady with great sense of humor who would be there in good or bad moments, who will listen to them, give advices and support when it is needed, and none of them wants a serious woman who is talking only about marriage and children. That is annoying. All men like when ladies are confident, independent, and are interested in various things in the world, that is why as soon as they meet an annoying girl who is not able to smile at their mischievous joke or make up one by herself, they found the communication boring and decide to finish it, well it is very logical thing to do, no one likes boring talks.

So the point is that when you start the communication it should look more like a game, a light and interesting for both of people game during which they get to know each other. And some time later after they got used with each other, they can start talking about all the serious matters that concern them. That is the right way to make the relationship work. No one likes hearing complaints about the difficult life and all sorts of diseases, but everyone enjoys a sparkle of great mood, a funny joke, or hearing some hilarious thing that just happened today to the interlocutor.

Men by their nature are predators, which are why in order to keep their interest woman should constantly change not only her look but behavior as well, so as soon as her man will start thinking that he finally captured her, she makes a sudden change and he realizes that he caught nothing. Also it is important to remember that there is no stronger stimulation for a man, than knowing the fact that someone else is after his woman, and the worst thing is that it made her seriously thinking about it.

So getting back to the chances point, once again I will say that everyone has changes to do anything desired in the world, so if something didn’t succeeded than probably the desired thing was not that much desired and needed, that is why it was so easy to give up on it. We all eventually get what we deserve, it is just a matter of time, we need to open our heart and trust the destiny.

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