Your dating life has improved and you found the date that you like and enjoy spending time with. You had an incredible first date and then second and so on. Time passes by and you two think you were created for each other. In the beginning of your relationship you were not interested in learning more about your date, you were grasped by your feelings and emotions, cheerful mood and having fun together. You never discussed plans for future and shared thoughts about the future. Soon enough you two start realizing you are not on the same page and look into different directions in future. Frustration replaces positive feelings and cheerful mood, your excitement is gone, you feel helpless. In many cases the realization of dating a wrong person comes to your head. And the question of what to do now arises. You truly love a person, but your plans don’t fit with each other’s.
Reality shows that many people, especially young ones, don’t think of these factors before the relationship goes too far. Worse when this realization comes to people when they are already married and some even have children. Obviously, it would be better if you would have found about the plans and prospective of your partner in the beginning of relationship. For sure these things are not discussed at the first date; it takes time to like each other first and feel chemistry. Listening to each other at every date will help immensely. As a rule, people get clear hints and facts but prefer ignoring them. Many people go on with wishful thinking. Some hope for the best and that a person will improve. Who is guilty then that the person you live with is wrong?

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Loving and liking won’t save the situation, we all have our priorities in life, and when they don’t match, and the common life will be difficult. Quite on the opposite situation can be followed when people are headed in the same direction. Learn the person better before you realize it is not your type.

Are You Dating a Wrong Person?