It is a fact that one of the most attractive qualities women find in men is confidence. However, what does it really mean? Statistics shows that for different women confidence means different things, but what all of them are so attracted to?
First of all, women say that the confidence is ‘read’ in the eyes of a man. So, now men need to be careful with this since what a woman can see in your eyes can be misinterpreted. Generalizing what really attracts women in men is men’s control of his life, career, future, finances, day; he is sure of himself and his abilities. Many women find this a very attractive feature, or better say features.
A woman, being a weaker sex looks for a partner, who not only will take care of her, would match her mentally, physically and spiritually, but would also be able to pass her this assurance in herself and life, world around her. This way women search for protection and their realization in life, getting more confidence. Besides, being chosen by such a confident man makes a woman feel very beautiful and sexy.
Being shy and embarrassed is not a good start if you want to conquer woman’s heart and father her children in future. Running away won’t help either, but will only worsen the situation. A man shouldn’t wait for the first move from a woman, show your male confidence and approach her first, staying calm and laid back.
A confident man has something about him that is why confident men, as a rule don’t stay single for a long time. Women always notice them. Confidence is not necessarily about the looks, it is about your inner something, your self-respect and your harmony within yourself. To get more confident, you can go to gym and change your wardrobe, these things add confidence to men, a fact that is proven.
It is normal to lose confidence from time to time, so stay honest and work on increasing your confidence in every aspect of your life.

Be Confident in Dating