Young happy smiling attractive couple, outdoorsWhat flickers to your mind after hearing the word dating? Many would say that it is merely going out and having fun. However, I was a tad different than the others. For me, it was about finding that one person with whom I could share the rest of my life with. Relationship equaled to lifelong commitment for me. My friends often insisted to go on dates with these beautiful women. Somehow, I never felt like having those candle night dinners with any of them. It is then that I realized that I was in love with my best friend. The kind of bond and comfort I shared with her was inexplicable. Since I was new to this world, I thought of taking expert dating advice.

The fact that I wanted things between us to work led me to taking online help. Bless my stars for I stumbled upon a dating blog the next week. It had varied articles for the lovelorn and hopeless romantics. They were filled with advice for those who wanted to strike gold in their love life. Out of all, the piece on dating Asian women got me engaged. Reason being that my best friend was from central China. She had come to New York for higher studies. Call it luck but we were in the same class. The transformation from classmates to friends happened pretty soon. God knows when cupid stuck and I started developing feelings for her.

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The writer tried to emphasize on how I should be the one striking the conversation. It revolved around how shy Asian women are. For the very same reason, they want someone who would make the first move. The writer also tried to explain that respect is a prerequisite. If you respect the girl, she will definitely hold you in the same regard. They say that opposites attract but the blogger had a rather different opinion. He asked me to find something that connects us both. This was a no brainer for I knew we both were fond of basketball and sitcoms. We would often catch up over a game or have a television show marathon. With her, I never felt the need to have a guy best friend. She completed me in a way that no one did.

Not many are expressive about their goals and ambitions. You can say that I was an exception as I was pretty much open about dreams. The dating blog told me that this quality of mine would help me earn brownie points. It said that girls like guys who are head strong and ambitious. They also gave me quick heads up on the looks part. Clean shaven, some cologne, ripped jeans, tee shirt and some pomade and I am done. You will not believe it but I religiously followed the above suggestions. Within no time, she started falling for me. As I write this blog, I am enjoying the pre wedding period. Yes, I popped the question and she answered in the affirmative!

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