People looking for a special someone would like their date to like them. They try to guess the impression they made on the date, their excitement becomes overriding. Such people care about their reputation and depend on their date’s opinion. They try to do everything to please a date and create a positive impression about them. Such people start worrying not to hear the words they are afraid to hear from the date they like. This anxiety can be caused by various reasons. Anyway, no matter how things develop, you should remember that you can get rejection no mater how good you are. No one can be liked by everyone. So, if rejected, try not to be devastated and stay motivated to find your soul mate.

On every date display honesty. It is a very important quality. No lies are welcomed. If you don’t tell anything, it doesn’t mean you are lying. However, if your date asks you questions, you need to provide honest answers. Being honest gives you a confidence for future relationship as no lies would be revealed in future.


We inherit our looks from the parents and we are not responsible for the way we look. There is no need to cry and be negative about your looks if you don’t resemble a movie star. However, we can change some things. Do, what depends on you. Choose the appropriate hair style, clothes, make-up, skin procedures, etc. Try to hide the demerits of your look and focus on your physical merits.


Before a date take a shower, scrub your body thoroughly, use mouth wash, anti-perspirant, cologne. In one word avoid unwanted odors under control.


The key to success is smiling often while talking. Never interrupt your date and avoid negative discussions, consider only interesting topics for both of you. Pay attention to your date and listen to what he/she says. Don’t worry and communicate in a relaxed and calm way, show you are confident and interested in person. Your luck is in your hands.

Dating – Making Yourself Desirable