Even the birds in the trees know about cupid dating websites, websites that are making a real splash on the online dating market with their huge membership base and their geographically targeted websites that enhance the dating experience and make it much more likely that you will meet someone who is actually and truly close to you. They also have these cupid speed dating features that give you the chance to talk to many interested girls or guys in a short period of time, much like real life speed dating, only done online and with a larger number of people.

We would like to give you a few tips on how to get the most from cupid speed dating and in essence it all comes down to having your pitch prepared in advance. For example, you do not wish to spend hours just trying to convey that you are someone who enjoys going out and who likes to watch old movies, for instance. You need to have it prepared, but you should also make sure that it does not seem like you are a robot with a speech prepared that you are going to deliver whether the other person likes it or not. Cupid speed dating is all about having your finger on the pulse of the other person.

Also, you need to remember that you also need to be nice to people who do not seem that attractive to you and who you do not find suitable for you in any way. You need to stay a nice person throughout and just wait until a better suited person comes along. Cupid speed dating is best done when you are honest and nice to everyone, as this will help you get more friends that can later recommend you to someone else that you actually might be interested in. It’s a community and people know each other. Bad word gets around just like in real life.

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Stay to the point, stay honest and stay nice. These are the three “stays” that will make sure you get the best possible cupid speed dating experience.

How to get most from Cupid speed dating