When attraction exists you can feel this from the very start and you feel that things are going right. You feel special with the person you are attracted to, you always smile when you are with this person, you just enjoy being around. There is no explanation for this, you just feel right. However, are these feelings and emotions enough to have the right chemistry? Look for the following:

Your feelings when you are around.

Being with your partner pay attention to how you feel. Make sure you are happy and not less than happy. Pay attention to your reaction when a person enters the room. Are you anxious to see the person and talk in his/her presence? The more positive your emotions are the more chemistry exists between you two.

Your feelings when the person is not around.

Do you feel you miss something when you are not together?  Do you feel you cannot have so much fun without this person? When your beloved is not around it is normal to feel less than happy. Feeling you want to be around is right; in this case you have chemistry in your couple.

How does your partner feel when you are around?

It is trickier to answer this question in comparison to making the first two observations. However, there are signs that you can read and see if the person is happy and enjoys your company.

Pay attention to:

Body language – if a person is faced to you when he/she speaks to you and not crossing hi/her legs and arms and his/her feet are pointing at you, this is a good sign and means a person is attracted to you and enjoys your company.

Eye contact – Direct eye contact is a great way to tell if there is chemistry between you two. Increased pupil – shows your date is interested in you and what you say.
Relaxed expression – shows a person is open and likes being around you.

What he/she tells you?

Chemistry can be seen when someone talks to you, when one feels positive about the person, he is relaxed and speaks positively, including speaking positively about you and him/herself.

Other things to look for

Tendency of making plans together


Touch during conversations
Chemistry is hard to find, but when you find it, you’ll know.

How to Tell if You Have Chemistry with your Beloved