After the date ended, you have many thoughts in your mind: maybe you are not interested in the person, then you can easily move to another date, but in case you enjoyed a date, you would like to see that person again and have fun together. This means that sooner or late you would like to contact a person and her are some tips to assist you in doing so right:
If you had a great date, you can call a date and make sure he/she got home safely and thank for the date. Do this if you only find this acceptable. Great way out is simply to send a text, but be short and sweet.
Never call immediately after the date, but also don’t wait for days to pass by. Statistics shows the best time to wait constitutes 48 hours.

Never chat on the phone for hours on initial stage of your relationship. Not following this piece of advice you risk to appear needy.

Make sure your date knows your life is fulfilled and you are busy, but make sure your date knows, he/she has time in it. However, avoid long phone conversation until your third or even fourth date.

Before picking up the phone, you need to know what you will tell; always smile when you talk, your date will feel this.

If, after a first date, you receive too many texts and calls from your date, watch out, being too needy can show insecurities, but at the same time high interest in you. Make sure dating at this level is relaxed and don’t phone your date hundred times a day, also don’t leave too many messages.

Text messaging is a very good way to communicate on the initial stage of dating. Texting saves you from embarrassment and excitement. However, stick to proper topics.

Never wait by your phone. Get busy with things you have to do and live your life.

Don’t build sand castles and stay realistic, pleasant surprises are far better than great expectations.

If you promised to call, do so.

Phoning Your Date