Pros and cons can be found in everything we do in our everyday life. The best way to make a decision is to weight up all cons and pros before. This is also applicable to dating Russian women.

We are all different and what can seem positive aspect to one, can be seen as negative by other.  If you think whether to start dating Russian women or not, only you can make decision, just take in consideration the following points to reduce the possible chances of disappointment.

The first drawback you can encounter when start dating with Russian women is language barrier, that can be very frustrating, especially at the first steps of your communication. Good news is that if you don’t speak a word in Russian, many Russian ladies speak and write English to a reasonable level. If your Russian lady’s English skills are limited, make sure you use simple words so she can get your message right.

Be aware of the cultural differences and differences in mentality between East and West. This can be very appealing at first, as you will discover many new things and find out that Eastern women are not spoiled by Western feminism and stick to older conventional morals, etc. Together with this, your Western humor can be seen as lack of taste by Russian women. So, before entering the world of your Russian woman, do a little research that will save you from possible awkward situations in future. You will also learn how Russian women differ from your local women in day-to-day life.


Russian women are very romantic and like attention, tender touches, compliments, etc. They like to get some of your focus on them. If you care about her and show your concern you will create a good impression.

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The pros usually overweight the cons, but you will need to work harder to win Russian woman’s heart.

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Russian Women Dating: Pros and Cons