russian womenWhen it comes to online dating, which I have heard a lot of different things about in the last few years, there are even more opportunities than you have ever thought. Unlikely to real meetings, online dating is the great chance to date a foreign girl. I was the one who had such opportunity. And guess what, I never regretted doing that. Unfortunately, before I actually met my wife, I hadn’t been lucky enough to find such a great person among the local girls. I think, our culture has a particular influence on the female part of the whole continent which is so different from the European one, not to mention the Slavic and Asian countries. That is why, in my personal opinion, the Philippines and Russian women are one of the best as wives, mothers and good responsible friends. I decided to go for a Russian one mostly because of the Slavic culture and old interesting traditions I had been always interested in.

When I finally made my choice I decided to find a way to date such ladies in order to find a perfect match. Is that possible, I thought. Well, with the all modern gadgets we have I think we may have something that could help us to find our soul mates. And after making a few online studying and researches on this topic, I found and was pretty sure this system would be able to help me in my mission of making a solid family.

The online dating service that I found was made for foreign men who have a strong desire to date a Slavic lady. There were literally tons of different single Russian ladies’ accounts with all the information needed to make the first impression. So, how does the system work?

It is very easy, especially when you get a chance to become a member of As an example, I liked the verification process that always appears when you are about to sign up. It helps the system to get rid of the suspicious users and save the privacy of already registered ones.

different single Russian ladies

What are the best online dating features that are highly recommended according to my own experience of online dating with Russian ladies? Here is my own list of them:

  • Translation services. Unfortunately, Russian ladies are not good enough when it comes to free communicating in English. The reason is unknown to me – all I can say is that translation services helped me and my wife to destroy all these misunderstandings that could appear on a date.
  • Search engines. Using this feature, I was able to choose particular parameters of my future half bringing up all her good sides and wishes about future family. Among the physical characteristics are height, weight, body type and so on, whilst you can also find the information about her education, religion and similar things.
  • Scammer protection. Due to this feature, I was protected from the scammers (the girls who are not interested in dating but in getting your money, etc.) and this provided me productive and interesting using of where I managed get priceless experience.
  • Live support. Among having great design and lots of useful features, there is also live support that is ready to help all registered users, as well as the ones who are still hesitating and feeling apprehensive – whether it is worth to create an account on online dating system or nor? My answer is YES.
  • Storage space. Due to the huge space on the storage of that is also highly protected and secured on the server, all the users can feel free to share and post their photos, as well as the rest of media, audio, and even video files. This is also one of the most important features when it comes to chatting online.

Each and every one of single men, just like me in the past, has his own story and experience of online dating. But I think we are sort of united together because we managed to discover and be a part of it, so we finally met our beautiful Russian women and Philippines wives.

The Philippines and Russian women are the best wives